No. T-156 - Guatemalan Textile
Handwoven Huipil -Blouse - $88.99

A handwoven Guatemalan blouse or huipil. The huipil is a long piece with an opening for the head, It is woven in two pieces which are sewn together, leaving the opening in the center seam for the head, The center is worked in a embroidered design. The sides are not sewn, you are supposed to wrap it around your body and tie it with a sash at the waist.

This huipil looks like it was never worn. I had it dry cleaned before listing, so it nice and clean and ready to wear. It is a heavy cotton, black with a colorful design. it measures 32" wide and 25" long from center to botton.

The item will ship at 3 pounds for $11.50 postage. Postage includes extra weight for packing, any excess postage charged will be refunded to buyer's Paypal account.


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