No. P-172 - Mexican Pottery-
Large Tree of Life

Here's a large tree of life that I have owned for many years. It is from Metapac, a town know for its tree of life potters. It has Adam and Eve and the Snake as the central theme. It was probably made in the 1960's or 70's. There is one candle holder broken off, you can see from the back shot, it is near the top. It is a clean break that did not do damage to the tree of life. One flower is also missing where the candle holder broke off. (see last 2 images for front and back shot of this place. There is also a small chip on the base at the back (see 3rd to last image for shot of this small chip). I do not see anything else missing. No hairline cracks, no repairs. Paint color is in good shape. It measures 21" tall by 18" wide.

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