No. P-315 - 1960's Acatlan Pottery
Large Tree of Life - $895.00

The tree of life is from my personal collection. It dates to the 1960's and is from the village of Acatlan in the state of Puebla, a village long famous for its tree of life pottery. This one is in good condition with one damaged place, the tip of the wing of a dove is broken off, you can see in one of the images. It is three feet tall and very heavy. The overall measurements are 36" tall and 25" wide. It is very heavy, weighing over 50 pounds.

The shipping cost is not shown on this item. It is too large to be shipped by USPS, or UPS and Fed-Ex is extremely expensive. If you are interesting in this item, contact me and let me know your address and zip code and I will see what shipping options and cost are available. If you live within 200 miles of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we will deliver for $50. It is rare piece and like all Mexican pottery of that era, the pottery is soft and easy to break, so it will take a lot of extra packing and strong boxes which will increase the cost.

I will send the buyer a Paypal invoice with the price of the piece plus the shipping amout, once the shipping cost is known.



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