No. P-769- Colima Pottery- $33.00
Colima Dog Planter

Here is a variation on the famous dog pottery from Colima. It is made in the shape of a planter. These pieces are usually seen in the natural clay color with no finish. I added the waxed fininsh to this one. When I got it had been painted with brown paint and then the owner had tried to remove the brown paint. It was not a pretty sight. I cleanerd it up, but it did not look right, it was stained and washed out looking. So I rubbed some mahogany color boot wax on it and it took beatifully. The pottery is in excellent contion with no chips, cracks or hairlines. It measire 8" long, 5 1/4" wide and 8 3/4" tall.

The tradition of the pottery dogs of Colomia goes back thousands of years and theyhave been found in ancient tombs. They are made in many shapes. This is the first time I have seen one like this. It would be a great conversation piece on your desk and good for holding pencils and pens.

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