No. P-709 - Folk Art Pottery- $44.00
Adam & Eve Candelabra

Folk Art pottery, that represents three things. First is the tree of life protraying the biblical tale of Adam and Eve, the snake with the apple in its mouth and the sword welding angel that drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Next, this is a candelabra with three candle holders. Last is that the base is made like an ashtry or incense burner. Lot of things going on in this little piece of 1970's folk art pottery. A unique piece that is sure to be a favorite in any folk art collection.

It is damaged. You can see from the back that one of the stems on the candleholder part was broken in two places but reglued and hard to see from the front. All the attached pieces(leaves, birds, flowers, fruit) are intact. It is painted in hot pink and metallic gold color. The gold has mellowed to an antique color. It measures 7" tall by 7" wide.

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