No. P-222 - Tourist Pottery- $42.00

Folk Art Wedding Painting - Charger and Small Plate

Here are two pieces of pottery, both painted by the same person. The small plate is the first of the small size that I have had by this folk artist and it has his name on it - Romeo Pichard. Over the years, I have sold many of the larger charges painted by him, but his name was unknown to me until I found the little plate. His main themes are wedding celebrations and bull fights. These two are more recent and have that clear finish that is being used now. Not sure if this is good or bad. The good thing is that it protects the painting from damage, the bad is that it might darken or yellow with time, although I have yet to see this. Both pieces are in excellent condition, no chips or hairlines, painting is in good shape. The charger measures 12 5.8" across. The plate measures 6 1/8' across.

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