No. P-684 - Tourist Pottery- $85.00
Tlaquepaque Covered Hen

Nice hen-on-nest covered dish. Back in the 1950's no trip to Mexico would be complete with a set of nested dished and a hen on nest. This one is painted in the desirable green color, it is in a medium size, 8 1/2" long by 8" tall. The paint is in good shape, a little flaking on edge which has been touched up. There is rough spot on the right side of the head, probably a small stone in the clay, it is painted over and glazed (see images). On the top part, right under the tail, there is defect like an air bubble was in the clay. It looked like it might flake, so I put a little clear glue on it to stabilize it, there is an image of the place. Don't often see the hens in this size.

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