No, 0-221 - Latin American Handcraft
Hand Made Mirror - $65.00

I thought this a Meixan Mirror when I acquired it, but on closer examination of the art work framing the mirror, I think it is from further south , from an Andes culture, possibly Peru or Equador. Who ever the maker, it is a fine example of folk art. The mirror in the center (which has been replaced, is framed with small images of every day life of the people in that regiion. The art work is very finely detailed and colors are bright and colorful.

The little images are behind a wood covering and I did not want to remove it for fear of damaging the images. But I am curous to know if they images are paper pictures or reverse painting on glass. '

the original mirror was replaced. The gold color edging was chipped, it repaired it with Gesso and gold paint. The pictures in the frames are in good shape. The frame measures 12 1/2" by 15 3/4". The mirror measures 6 1/2 x 9 1/2".

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