No. O-2181 - Mexican Doll
Antique Compusistion - Needs TLC - $44.00

A real find for the doll collector, an antique Mexican composition doll. The doll 's clothing is dirty and needs to be washed. It is sewn in place and the little blouse's drawsting is just a piece of sewing thread. The hair is made of thread and is coming loose. One of her hoop earrings is missing. There may have been restoration to the face, if so, it was well done. Hands look good, no broken fingers, feet and legs are in good shape.. The doll measures 16" tall.

The item will ship at 4 pounds for $12.75 postage. Postage includes extra weight for packing, any excess postage charged will be refunded to buyer's Paypal account.


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