No. L105 - Mexican Lacquer
Green Handpainted Gourd - $24.00

Green lacquered gourd with charming bird and flower decoration. This piece is from Olinala and dates back to the 1940's or earlier. It has some condition problems, there is small crack in the bottom part, plus some paint chipping on the bottom and one paint chip on the white and gold border that goes around the gourd.. The paint is almost all gone from the knob on the top and a little piece is broken off the edge where the top and bottom go together, see my close-up images. But the nice painting makes up for a lot, this is a very well done piece of handwork. The condition is fair with the damage, but the bird painting and green color is in good shape. It measures 5 " tall by 5" wide.

The item will ship at 1 pound for $5.50 postage. Postage includes extra weight for packing, any excess postage charged will be refunded to buyer's Paypal account.


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