No. L-224 - $42.00
Lacquer Tray

This folk art tray comes from Olinala, an area long known for its fine lacquerware. How they learned this craft iss lost to time, some say it was learned from Chinese Voygerers who came to Mexico long before the Spanish arrived. Other say it was a craft as old as the civiliztion in that area.

\This tray is a fine example of the lacquer work done in Olinala. Blak trays are traditional favorties; this one is unusal as the tray can be displayed lengthwise. The painting is very finely done. The tray is in good shape except for a little crazing of the black in one corner (see close-up image). A little lacquer had chipped off the edge and it has been touched up with black paint. No cracks or splits in the wood. The tray measures 20" long by 14" wide.


The gourd is in good shape with no damage. It measures 4" tall by 5 1/8" wide.

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