No. J-345 - Btaziliant Jewelry- $95.00
Penca de Balangandan Necklace

This necklace has a pendant called a Penca de Blangandan. It originaed with the African slaves who settled in the state of Bahia. Each charm on the pendant has its own meaning. There are ten handmade charms on the pendant, different fruits, a dipper and a figa (fist). The two birds at the top of the pendant represent freedom. The pendant was usually worn as a brooch which was attached to the waist of a dress or vest.

I put the Penca de Balangandan on a chain, so it could be worn as a necklace as it does not have a pin attachment on it. The charms are handmade of a silver plated metal. The chain meaures 12 1/2" from the center back to the pendant. It has a hook closure. The pendant measures 3" wide by 2" long.

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