No. J-377 - Handmade Jewelry
Milagro Charm Necklace

Handmade necklace with milagros and religious medals.. The chain is part of a vintage Guatemalan wedding chain and is made of low grade silver color metal. The chain, when used in the wedding ceremony, would be about 7 to 8 feet aroung. It would be placed around the bride and groom in a figure 8 to signify they were joined for eternity. I have seen the chain used in a traditional Mexican wedding of a friend held here in Texas.

The chain has an antique silver color. Red and turquoise beads and newer milagro charms have also been added. Red and turquoise crosses are made of howlite, a semi-precious stone that is naturally white, but takes to coloring. It is often used to make crosses and skulls used in Mexican Jewelry.. The center pendant of the Virgin of Guadalupe is new and measures 1 1/2" long. Hook and Eye closure. The necklace is in excellent condition and measures 14 1/2" from center back to center front or 29" end to end.

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