Care Of Vintage Mexican and Guatemalan Clothing and Fabrics


With proper care, your Mexican dress or blouse will last for many years.

Always wash these items alone and in cold water. You can wash by hand or on the delicate cycle of your washer. The cotton dresses from Puebla and Oaxaca are generally embroidered in color-fast thread, so you do not need to worry about fading. Never wash the dresses with towels or soft items that will rub lint on the embroidery. The cotton Guatemalan dresses are prone to fading. Wash them on cold and use a mild soap such as Woolite. Never put any of these vintage items in the dryer as they are prone to uneven shrinkage. Always place the cotton items on a clothes hanger to dry.

If the item is wool, hand wash in cold water using a mild soap, then squeeze out excess water with dry towels. Lay the item flat on a clean towel to dry, turning over so it dries evenly.

My favorite summer dress is a long white Oaxacan dress, lavish with hand embroidery, I have worn this dress for almost twenty summers and I must admit is is reaching the end of the line. It has lasted so long because I used the methods outlined above to care for it. Even as worn as it is, I get compliments everytime I wear it.

Note: All clothing listed on this site is used. I do my best to accurately describe the condition and any wear issues. There will be some imperfections on clothing that is hand made, hand embroidered or hand woven.


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